What we do. And why.

Untie brings economic power to you, to me, yes to all of us ordinary folks. Or freedom, if you will, because that is what economic power is all about.

We let real people make money the same way institutions, banks and fat cats do. Our services connect all parts of the financial world, making them accessible and usable for all.

Untangled. Untied.

Where we are.
And where we're going.

The world of finance needs to change. It needs to be more oriented towards humans and human needs. We are here to make that change happen.

On the business to business side of things we work to give the financial industry better software. We do this mainly through the development of Bricknode Financial Systems, a software infrastructure we like to think of as an "ecosystem" for financial services.


On the consumer side we develop products and services to give people more control, and more opportunities, when managing their personal finances.

But more than anything we strive to bring the two sides of our business together.