One world. Two brands.
And a bunch of people.

We are Untie. We are united. Our two main brands are just different manifestations of the one dream. 
Together we strive to make that dream real, the real deal, a dream team.

Come join us.

Untie is our consumer brand, focused on making it easier, more fun and more profitable to engage in matters of personal finance. Untie will make it easy and fun for all people to save, invest and prosper.

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Bricknode is our business to business brand, where we concentrate on making work in the financial sector a little less demanding by developing better software for handling things like mutual funds and such.

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Real people & extraordinary folks

There are, as you might imagine, very few ties (and even fewer suits) here. We are situated in Skövde, Sweden, and this is farmer's country since at least a thousand years. Rolled up sleeves and both feet on the ground is how we roll. Mr Fancy Pants don't work around here.

Upper level:
The Honourable Board of Directors

Untie Group celebrates equality. Having said that we recognise that some are more equal than others.

Anders Bengtsson
Born 1957. Board member since 2014
Stefan Willebrand
Born 1977. Founder and Board Member since 2011
Victor Wallenberg
Born 1960. Chairman of the Board since 2016
Emelie Willebrand
Born 1979. Board Member since 2011
Anders Råge
Born 1957. Board member since 2006

The Organisation