"Work hard, play hard"

That's the kind of talk you often hear from startups. It usually means people are worn out and thrown away. But we can't afford high employee turnover. We care about the people working here, and depend on our colleagues. So we look out for each other, and recognise the fact that work is just one aspect of life.

We work hard and rest well. 

Get you some of this!

Mornings at 9.30 we have breakfast and we are always on the lookout for nice people to join us. The coffee is good and there are usually eggs. Also we don't talk shop much during breakfast. 

The kids are alright

From time to time there will be children present. Many of us have offspring that we like to see occasionally. The kids sometimes get to play the Xbox, unless the developers have already hogged it.

Don't come here

Stay at home, wait for the plumber. We know how it is. As long as you do your job nobody cares much if you do it from home sometimes. Really, it's fine. 

Living the dream

At the end of the month you get paid. True story.

Give us some of that!

Be kind. Be responsible. Know your stuff and be eager to learn. 

Have an idea and make it come true. Pitch in. Have fun. Care about the job, care about your mates. Make a playlist everyone hates.

Make one that they love. Do all of the above.

You'll fit right in.

Available positions

Our specific needs are advertised here, but we are always interested in nice and knowledgeable people of any kind. Drop your spontaneous application at work[at]untiegroup.se