An investment company for the future. Focusing on adding value.

We are Untie. We are united. Our dream is to simplify our portfolio companies way to success. And have fun on the way.

Together we strive to make that dream real.

What we like

Since we are entrepreneurs we like to come in early. Early for us means:

  • As early as it gets is actually quite nice. You know from the first business plan.
  • But early can also be when you have a product in the market and are in the process of iterating to get the best possible product market fit.
  • Are ready to scale up. Who doesn't love a scale-up case?

So, in regular investment terminology. We like to invest in rounds of pre-seed, seed and pre IPO's.
But we are untied. A good opportunity to invest is good independent on maturity of the company.

What we offer

The summary is operational power. Depending on what your business needs we can offer equity, loans and/or support your team on an operational level. We like to offer the combination. But as always, we are not tied to a specific setup.

We have extensive experience from:

  • Developing technical solutions with an API first focus
  • Software as a Service and Platform as a Service
  • Doing the actual operations behind financial services
  • Real Estate investments and projects
  • Lending
  • Securities
  • Funding
  • Managing regulated companies and everything that goes with that. Both pro's and con’s.

Solving problems with tech is actually a real passion of ours. Can be problems in the market or scaling issues within the company.

Basically, every industry needs tech to solve issues. That is why we are totally agnostic about industry. We are untied. We are here to support.

With that said, we would like to get in contact with you. If you feel the same, don't hesitate to contact us.
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