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We are an investment company for the future. Focusing on adding value.

We are Untie. We are united. Our dream is to simplify our portfolio companies way to success. And have fun on the way.

Together we strive to make that dream real.

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At the moment we don´t have an open share offering. But the chance to be part of Untie Group will definitely occur in the future. Maybe sooner than you think…

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder in Untie Group AB, please follow the link below. When the next share offer will take place, we will let you know first.

Preference shares (in portfolio company)
Save money with over 7% effective annual return

By investing in our preference shares (in portfolio company Untie Lending AB), you get a fixed return of 7% per year with monthly payments.

You can then use the payments to buy more preference shares if you so wish and create a higher return thanks to the interest rate effect.

If you invest money through your Swedish company, the return often is tax-free. This means an effective interest rate of 8.5% per year.

If you invest as a private individual, the tax is 25% and gives an effective interest rate of 7.5%.