Growing an immature business

04 June 2018 9:03 AM

Kreditbörsen has existed for several years, but has only had loans for businesses. But since last month the company has begun giving out loans to individuals as well, a change that seems to have been much anticipated.

– Our lenders have gone from a rather modest credit issuance of 6000 Euros in April to more than 100 000 in May. Our focus now is all about growth, says CEO Erik Hagelin.

The loans are the same type of personal credits that are issued by banks. But an important difference is that every person that invests through Kreditbörsen is formally the issuer of the credit.

– We mediate payments, that’s the bottom line. But in reality we administer the whole process. We take care of the paper work, credit reports, invoices and so forth. So the major difference is that the lender or investor gets to keep most of the interest for him or her self. Right now that means a return of more than 10 % a year. When the bank lends out your money you get virtually nothing.

Also the risk involved is much lower than in for example the stock market. We see a great potential in this form of saving. We’ve only seen the beginning.