Risky recruitment

27 September 2018 11:45 AM

November fifth Mattias Furskog joins Untie Group. His main task will be to remind management that life is risky.

Helping companies navigating around operational risks is nothing new to Mattias. He comes to Untie from a position as Risk Manager at JAK Member Bank.

An “Operational risk” is anything that threatens to put a business in jeopardy such as legal trouble or unforeseen economic loss. Such risks are more often than not caused by either human errors or sub-optimal internal processes

Companies within the financial sector are obliged  to handle such risks adequately. Hence the recruitment of Mattias Furskog, Untie Group’s new Risk Officer.

Mr Furskog is leaving a similar position at JAK Member Bank where he has been working for the last few years.

“Untie is an exiting company and the people there seem to know their stuff. I would’ve felt stupid not to jump at the opportunity to work there” says Mattias Furskog.