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30 August 2018 1:44 PM

Earlier this week the gang at Bricknode released a new version of its benchmark-setting, cloudbased financial software Bricknode Broker. The release contains a few upgrades compared to earlier versions. Most noteworthy is the new White Label Manager.

Since Bricknode Broker saw the day of light back in 2015, it has served it's customers well, making the handling of securities relatively easy. But it isn't until now that Bricknode's customers can offer the same services to their clients.
Version 2.15 of Bricknode Broker fixes this.

White Label Manager is an add-on that allows clients of Bricknode Broker to create custom, white label fronts for their own customers, thereby making it much easier to act as a back office provider.

– We believe our new White Label Manager makes Bricknode Broker a whole lot more useful for our customers, while at the same time improving our potential for market penetration, says Bricknode CEO Erik Hagelin.

The first Bricknode client to make use of White Label Manager will be Nord Fondkommission, a well known Stockholm based securities firm.

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