Our focus on investing in other companies has just begun. These are the companies we currently have in our portfolio.

Swedish Credit Group

Company started in 2011 offering short-term loans in a fully digital process. During the years it has lent over 250 MM and generated good profits. Today it manages the loans issued between 2011 and 2018.

Svenska Fribrevsbolaget (Pensiono)

Svenska Fribrevsbolaget is Sweden's first and only insurance company built and adapted for “free letters”. A free letter is a pension insurance where the payment has ceased and is created e.g. when you change employers. A salaried employee has an average of 8 leave certificates distributed by various insurance companies during his working life. On January 1, 2020, a new law was introduced, which gives you an expanded opportunity to move and merge your free letters. A move can in many cases give you lower fees, higher returns and more in retirement.

Untie Lending

Holds a license with the Swedish FSA as a consumer credit institution. Offers lending products in an automated a digital way using the latest technologies within machine learning to be able to predict credit risk. The company has lent out more than 125 MM since 2018 and are looking to grow the business during the coming years.




Untie AB

The company started out as a pure P2P service connecting investors with consumer credit and company loans. Today, the company runs Untie.se which is a marketplace for financial servises. Untie are also active as a affiliate company driving trafic for loans and investments products to different providers.


A tech company which has built a loan management system for the global market. Cloud-based and composable, the software is a superb solution for lenders that want to digitalize their processes in a scalable way.